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The decision to undergo plastic surgery is one of the most exciting moments in one’s life. For satisfactory cosmetic surgery results, choosing the right plastic surgeon is of the utmost importance.

Dr. Armen Vartany is a gifted and experienced Los Angeles plastic surgeon who is certified by the prestigious American Board of Plastic Surgery as well as the American Board of Surgery. He is known for his excellent technical skills and his dedication to his patients. Dr. Vartany ensures the best possible surgical outcomes for a variety of surgical procedures for men and women who desire a more youthful and attractive look.

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Scheduling your personalized patient/doctor consultation with Dr. Vartany, a double board-certified Los Angeles plastic surgeon, is absolutely essential. Meeting with Dr. Vartany will give you the insight that you will need to lead you on the right path in making the best surgical decision for yourself.

Your specific patient questions, issues, and concerns can only be accurately addressed with a physical evaluation. Your comprehensive consultation will allow Dr. Vartany an opportunity to evaluate and discuss your expectations, along with all your potential treatment options. Along with seeing actual patient before and after photos, you will immediately get a sense of Dr. Vartany’s kind and gentle nature and be instantly at ease. Our personalized consultation aims to ensure that you are fully informed before making your final decision.

Knowing that you are in the hands of such a caring and skillful surgeon will make going on this very personal journey that much more exciting. You will be able to contact Dr. Vartany directly with any questions or concerns following your procedure. Our entire team is dedicated to making your experience as positive as possible.

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View our video blog to gain expert advice from Dr. Vartany. Watch procedures from our operating room, hear the latest testimonials from actual patients, and go behind the scene during special events with Team Vartany.


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Satisfaction Surveys

“Dr. Vartany and his team are incredible! The services in the office were brought to a different level. I don’t have words to describe how special I was treated and how comfortable I felt. Thank you, Dr. Vartany!”
– Nare I. | 2019

“Dr. Vartany did my nose and fixed my septum, and I’m in love with the results! Everyone in the office is very nice and helpful, which made my experience even better. My post-op went very smoothly, and I felt no pain the entire time. If I were to do it all over again I would want nothing to change.”
– Kristine B. | 2019

“I was referred to Dr. Vartany's office by a friend, and I could not be happier with the results I've seen! The nurses here are the best of the best! The receptionist, Lucy, is absolutely amazing! She has helped me with all questions I've had, and I have yet to meet someone as dedicated as her to her job and to the needs of all of Dr. Vartany's patients!”
– Preny S. | 2019

“I went to Dr. Vartany for my rhinoplasty and couldn’t be happier with the results! The professionalism and warmth of the staff gave me a great first impression, which made me certain that I had chosen the right doctor for my surgery. I felt comfortable asking all my questions and really felt that Dr. Vartany, the administrative staff (special shout out to Denae!), and the surgical team gave me special attention as a patient. Dr. Vartany’s work really speaks for itself - I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else for my cosmetic procedures in the future. My sincere thanks to Dr. Vartany and his outstanding staff!
- Anna A. | 2019

“This was a great experience. They helped with everything and made me happy with my results. Thank you for everything.”
– L. Z. | Glendale | January 2016

“Everyone was amazing. They made me feel very comfortable. Amazing staff!!”
– A. S. | Burbank | January 2016

“I just wanted to say thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. You guys are the best, and I will 100% recommend anyone to you guys. Amazing job, love my nose. Thank you again!”
– S. K. | Van Nuys | January 2016

"Dr. Armen Vartany is so gentle and honest. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Thanks!"
– L. M. | Sunland | December 2015

"I had a great experience, and I really appreciated the follow-up calls right after the surgery. Dr. Vartany made me feel comfortable and relaxed. Thank you!"
– N. M. | Glendale | December 2015

"Thank you to the entire staff!! You all are amazing! I find great pleasure being in your office. Everyone is pleasant, kind, and very respectful! Dr. Vartany is lucky to be able to have such a wonderful team to work with. The staff is a great compliment to the amazing work that Dr. Vartany does! Thank you!"
– K.D. | Van Nuys | December 2015

"An amazing experience. The surgery staff was so kind! Lynette was amazingly sweet. I think she sensed I was nervous and sat and held my hand. Very personable staff. Dr. Yariany was also amazing. Dr. Vartany is great. I trust him with all my surgery needs. Thank you so much to the entire team. You all made the experience wonderful!"
– A. M. | Granada Hills | November 2015

"My entire experience with Dr. Vartany and his staff was greater than I expected. Denae was extremely helpful with the preparation and after-care of my surgery. I’m so, so happy with how my nose looks now and very happy my mom and I had Dr. Vartany perform the surgery. I will recommend Dr. Vartany to friends and family in the future for any work they want to get done. Thank you guys for everything!"
– R. S. | Vista | October 2015

"I was very pleased with the staff especially! Denae, Elvia, and my after care nurse are all amazing caring women. I will recommend Dr. Vartany. He is a nice man that makes you feel at ease and most importantly he is honest, which I respect so much and appreciate. I will use him again for future procedures!"
– S. R. | Ontario | March 2015

"I felt like the anesthesia was the exact amount and correct dosage for me, as I had no problems or discomfort coming out of it. Lynette and Dr. Shahani made me feel very comfortable, and I feel Dr. Vartany did a wonderful job and has a great team! Denae was perfect! Elvia and the other office staff members were also very professional, courteous, and have that extra “friendly” touch. Thank you!"
– C. S. | Los Angeles | March 2015

"I am absolutely thrilled with my results. My nose looks natural and much better than it did before. I am so glad I chose Dr. Armen Vartany as my surgeon. He is very knowledgeable, patient, honest, and caring. I highly recommend him. The staff is amazing. Very organized with scheduling appointments and follow-ups."
– I. O. | Granada Hills | March 2015

"I was extremely impressed, and the whole staff made the experience great, and I felt like family. Thank you again."
– R. H. | Glendale | February 2015

"My surgery was not even nearly what I was expecting. Besides expected swelling, I had no vomiting, zero pain, only first few hours of nose discharge, and most of all, I was and am breathing through my nose ever since I woke up in the recovery room! (Thank you also to the anesthesiologist!) Greatest doctor! Great anesthesiologist! Great staff! I put it off for so long because of my fears! But I knew if I had to do it, it was going to be only Dr. Vartany! Now more than ever I know why. Thank you all very much!"
– N. K. | Burbank | January 2015

"I will recommend my friends and family because Dr. Armen Vartany is the best doctor! I’m sure he did a great job with my tummy tuck. If I ever need anything else, I will only go to Dr. Armen Vartany. Thank you."
– K. S. | Burbank | November 2014

Yelp Reviews

"Okay, first off, I want to start by saying how AMAZING Dr. Vartany and his whole staff are! Wow, they are not only kind but super professional and know how to make you feel comfortable about any procedure you’re having! Dr. Vartany performed a rhinoplasty on me about a month ago, and I am in love with my results! This man is truly an artist! My nose is not only beautiful but looks so natural. Today I went in for my first laser treatment and had it done by Nurse Ana. I was so scared because I did not know what to expect, but she made me feel so comfortable and I barely felt a thing! All the girls in the front are sweethearts too! Thank you, Dr. Vartany and your amazing staff for the best experience I could ask for! You guys are the best!"
– Roxanne. S. | 1/16/16

"Most amazing experience ever! Dr. Vartany is the nicest and sweetest dctor I’ve ever met! He makes you feel so comfortable at all times! I was recommended to him from many family members, and I don’t regret it one bit. I had a minor procedure done, and it was the best experience! Especially since I’m so scared of even coming close to a needle. Dr. Vartany made me feel so at ease and reassured me that everything would be fine. Best doctor around town! Also the staff is very nice and the place overall is super clean and really nice! Totally recommend Dr. Vartany to anyone in the future!"
– Melanie B. | 1/15/16

“Dr. Vartany performed a rhinoplasty on me in April. I couldn’t be happier with the results. My recovery was PAIN-FREE and fast. My nose looks natural and perfect. Thank you, Dr. Vartany, for your amazing work and professional attitude. I visit the office very often for other procedures with urse Narine (also experienced and professional) and love Lauren and Denae, who helped me with my surgery scheduling.

So happy with the results. I never imagined such a big difference."
– Ani M. | 12/31/15

“Just an all-around amazing experience! The front desk staff is amazingly sweet, greet you upon arrival, and very professional. Dr. Vartany is so courteous and professional, discussed the procedure with me thoroughly, and answered all my questions. Denae was very helpful with scheduling the appointment and providing clarification with a few of my questions.

Day of surgery was fantastic. Lynette was super sweet! I think she sensed I was nervous and just was a doll throughout the process; held my hand and made a few witty/funny jokes and comments. Dr. Yarian was fantastic as well, had a few laughs with him prior to going into the operation room (thanks for letting me take Pinky in with me!). I never experienced nausea or vomiting. Didn’t even need painkillers, so my experience was very pleasant. The staff followed up the next day with a call to see how I was doing and make sure I was comfortable.

The facility is immaculate! Looking around, everything looks brand new; it gave me a sense of comfort knowing he doesn’t skimp on his equipment or facility. It is cold in the surgical center, but that’s standard—they provide you with a nice blanket to keep you warm. :] There’s music playing in the background, which really does help out, instead of that tense silence of a medical facility.

I really can’t say enough about Dr. Vartany. I’ve referred him to others in the past and will continue to do so because I’ve experienced first-hand how amazing of a surgeon he is. He is meticulous in his work and so professional. I’d never consider going anywhere else and highly recommend him!"
– Arpy M. | 11/24/15

“The services received from this office have always exceeded my expectations. The nurse, Narine, is very professional and has always demonstrated excellent clinical ability. The results from her injections are phenomenal, as demonstrated by a natural facial appearance. I have referred family and friends to this office, and I have yet to receive any complaints about their services.”
– Patty G. | 7/10/15

“I had a superb experience with Dr. Armen Vartany. I’m really happy with my rhinoplasty results. Most of the time, even a well-performed nose job is easily noticeable. The uniqueness of Dr. Vartany is that he revises nature’s mistakes without changing your image. After a few months of surgery, not the doctor, but you will get compliments about your appearance because people who didn’t know you before your surgery can’t even imagine that you have done a nose job or something else. They will think that you were born so flawless.”
– Tereza H. | 3/24/15

“Best surgeon out there! I went to a couple of consultations with other plastic surgeons for my rhinoplasty. I didn’t feel comfortable with any of them! I finally asked my friend who she got hers done by as it looked so natural and beautiful. She replied Armen Vartany! I called and made an app, and that was it! I fell in love!! I made the surgery date immediately. I just had an amazing feeling automatically about Vartany. I respect his honesty and care for me and what exactly would look good on my face. I didn’t want much of a curve. Just a hump removed since my nose was broken, and for my nostrils to be opened up since I couldn’t breathe from both my nostrils. It’s only been 2 weeks since the operation and I am SOOO HAPPY and confident. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. My nose looks super natural and matches with my face very well. Also, I can finally breathe! All the receptionists are amazing and welcome you warmly. Denee, not sure if I spelled her name correctly, instructed me 1 week pre op. I followed all her instructions precisely. I barely had bruising after the surgery. Everything was so pain-free. I just fell in love with the entire staff! Thank you, Vartany and staff!”
– Liana K. | 3/3/15

“I’d like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for a professional job performed by Dr. Vartany. Located in the city of Burbank, Dr. Vartany is a plastic surgeon whose reputation precedes himself. I wanted to share my experience with everyone who contemplates a decision to undergo a plastic surgery with Dr. Vartany. Feel confident and assured that you are going to receive the best of service, and more importantly, the quality and safety of being in competent hands. His unparalleled Intelligence and knowledge of his trade create an exceptionally positive aura and strength that feeds his entire staff. I also am thankful to the entire team in his office. Their professional attention to each and every patient is a welcoming comfort and assurance in the rightness of your choice. I’m especially thankful for the beautiful Denae for her kind and caring personality, for her continued support. I have been to many offices but I have never experienced such high quality of care. Denae is a shining star in the office, who has a positive vibe that transmits to every patient. Anyone who is looking for a plastic surgeon or any other service provided in this office, I would highly recommend Dr. Vartany and staff. Go in with confidence!”
– Armine J. | 2/16/15

“This doctor is by far one of the most caring and genuine human beings I have met. I first met Dr. Vartany due to a rhinoplasty consultation. I was very apprehensive about having my first cosmetic procedure, but Dr. Vartany and his staff were so generously caring that I trusted them. What drew me to choosing Dr. Vartany as my cosmetic surgeon was how natural his work is. My nose was broken, and I did have a bit of a bump. I really wanted a nose that wasn’t so “plastic” looking. When I had my procedure done, I received so many compliments due to how natural looking my profile was due to my nose. People hardly noticed that I had surgery done, but when they did ask I wasn’t ashamed to say I did because I was so satisfied with the results. Don’t ever be ashamed if you want to have a cosmetic procedure done. If it’s going to boost your confidence, go for it! I highly recommend Dr. Vartany to anyone that wants to get a cosmetic procedure done. Dr. Vartany’s staff are just as wonderful! The office is gorgeous and so inviting and clean every time. If you are looking to get laser hair removal, I HIGHLY recommend Narineh. She does such a great job and is very quick. Laser really isn’t as painful as people claim it to be. The rooms are very sanitary, and she always makes you feel very comfortable. Best Doctor in LA!”
– A. P. | 2/15/15

“Love this place. I have been coming to Dr. Vartany for over 2 years and I love it. Narine the nurse is who does all my lip injections and fillers. She is great. I just started laser hair removal and I wish I started this 5 years ago. Never need a razor again. Love it. I would totally recommend anyone to come here. Prices are the BEST in town and the Staff is so nice. Great all round.”
– Cherry P. | 8/15/14

“Dr. Vartany has left me speechless. The amount of care this man has for his patients is unbelievable. I can only praise him for the excellent work he did for me. I had broken my nose twice at a very young age, so I never knew what it was like to breath out of my nose. I met with a lot of doctors about my nose. Each one promised the moon but sadly I felt like I was rushed and no one cared enough to answer every question I had. For someone who’s never known what it’s like to breath out of my nose I was very cautious and I know I was being annoying with my millions of questions, but at the end of the day I just couldn’t trust them. I had heard a lot of amazing things about Dr. Vartany. Everyone who I talked to loved him, so I scheduled my appointment to meet with him. Dr. Vartany informed me of everything that I needed to know before I had asked any questions. This man sat down and answered every question I had with detail. After my consultation I felt like finally after all the drs I’ve met with, he’s the one. Admittedly I wanted the surgery booked and to move forward with the process. Rita went over my payment options and post- and pre-op instructions. She was a total doll. After visiting all the offices and having a bad taste in my mouth, I was in awe that I couldn’t find one thing wrong with this office. What won me over completely was the amount of time they took with me making sure I knew everything following up pre- and post-surgery. All in all, I’m in love with the service at this office. Dr. Vartany is amazing if I could give him more stars, I would. Completely satisfied, and if you’re wondering, I have a beautiful nose that I can’t stop showing off, and I’m breathing perfectly! Thank you, Dr. Vartany. I can’t say it enough!”
– Alla Z. | 8/11/12

Facebook Reviews

“Great surgeon! And his staff is amazing. I appreciate Dr. Vartany's honesty.”
– Stephanie R. | January 2016

“You're the best! You're my homie, Dr. Vartany! You're truly amazing! Like my mom said, she's known you for 17 years! Wow. Your hand is magical. We love you.”
– Nicole B. | August 2015

“Dr. Armen Vartany is probably the most bubbly and high-spirited doctor I have ever met. Having a consultation with him or any conversation makes you feel like you're hanging out with a friend and shooting the breeze. He is an excellent doctor with a strong sense of precision in his work. He has an abundance of knowledge and always manages to make everything sound so easy and comprehensible. I highly recommend him.”
– Karine B. | October 2014

Customer Reviews

Lucy K.

I chose to visit Dr. Vartany for a primary rhinoplasty and septoplasty and it's been an amazing experience from the start! The doctor is professional and really listens to understand what you want. I love my new nose and I recommend this office to all my family friends. This is where you get amazing results and good service. Thank you Dr. Vartany!

Ish A.

I am so thankful we chose Dr. Vartany. We could not be happier with the result. Thank you!! Dr. Vartany is not only knowledgeable but also sweet makes you feel so comfortable it eases your nervousness. My daughter's nose is exactly what she wanted and Dr. Vartany made that happen.

Nina K.

SUPERB EXPERIENCE!!! Dr. Vartany, thank you for your attention to detail! Meticulous, a perfectionist. A true master! And Lucy, your patient-centric concierge attention and care made it happen! Thank you also for accommodating us with all planning appointments geared toward surgeries. I highly recommend Dr. Vartany and his highly qualified staff. You will be in very good hands!

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