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Practice Policies

No Show and Cancellation Agreement

In an effort to provide excellent customer service to all of our patients, and accommodate as many patients as possible, our office implements a No Show and Cancellation Agreement.


A fee for all No Show and Cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance will be assessed.  For all scheduled laser hair removal appointments, the fee is 50% of the total cost of treatment.  For all injection and beauty enhancement appointments, the fee is $100.00.  For laser tattoo removal, the fee is $50.00 for tattoos up to 16 sq. in. and $100.00 for tattoos larger than 16 sq. in.


A credit card (Visa or Mastercard) is required to be kept on your account in the event of a No Show or Cancellation made less than 24 hours in advance.  The credit card on file will be charged immediately upon incident.


If a credit card is not furnished, the applicable fee will be placed on your account as an outstanding balance and must be paid in full prior to scheduling your next appointment.


Only accounts with a credit card on file may schedule an appointment for treatments involving more than a 15 minute appointment (according to our scheduling guidelines).


Accounts without credit cards:

Pre-payment for laser services and/or a $100.00 deposit for injection / beauty enhancement appointments will be required.  If you are a No Show or Cancellation without a 24 hour advance notice for a laser treatment, 50% of the pre-payment amount will be taken as the applicable fee and the remaining 50% of your pre-payment will remain as a credit on your account.  If you are a No Show or Cancellation without a 24 hour advance notice for an injection treatment / beauty enhancement (Botox, fillers, chemical peels, Sclerotherapy), the applicable fee of $100.00 will be placed on your account, which your deposit will satisfy.  No credit will remain on your account.


In an effort to keep assessed fees from the No Show and Cancellation Agreement to a minimum, all scheduled appointments, including consultations, that have not been confirmed will be released at 12:00 pm the day immediately preceding your scheduled appointment.

American Society of Plastic Surgery American Board of Plastic Surgery

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