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Your Personalized Surgical Consultation

Dr. Armen VartanyThe success and safety of your surgery depends greatly on your complete candidness during your consultation.  Dr. Vartany will ask you several questions about your health, medical history, previous treatments and medications.  Gaining an understanding of your general health will assist Dr. Vartany in determining any pre-existing health conditions or risk factors.  To thoroughly evaluate your candidacy, it will be important to also discuss your lifestyle, including alcohol, tobacco and drug use.  The best candidates for cosmetic surgery are patients who are physically healthy and who do not smoke.


Dr. Vartany will also perform an examination and, if necessary, take measurements and photographs for your medical record.  Just as important, Dr. Vartany will want to understand why you desire to have the procedure performed so that he may design a surgical plan to meet your personal needs and desired outcome.  It is important to go into the procedure with a positive outlook and have specific but realistic goals in mind for the improvement of your appearance.


Dr. Vartany will offer his expert advice and determine the procedure that is just right for you.  He will explain the details of your surgery, including the risks involved, and discuss your options.   Dr. Vartany will share actual patient before and after photos with you so that you can see what the surgery can do for your appearance.  Once a “plan” has been determined, our office will compile a quote based on the actual recommended procedures and the duration of surgery.

American Society of Plastic Surgery American Board of Plastic Surgery

*Individual results may vary.