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Your Pre-Operative Appointment

Once you have made your decision to schedule your surgery with Dr. Armen Vartany, our office staff will schedule you for your pre-operative appointment approximately one week prior to your surgery date.*


During your pre-operative appointment, you will review and sign your consent forms for each procedure being performed.  Additionally, you will meet with Dr. Vartany, once again, to discuss any additional questions regarding your upcoming surgery.


Dr. Vartany, or one of our Registered Nurses, will draw your blood for the necessary lab work.  If photos have not already been taken, we would do so at this time.


You will then meet with the Surgical Coordinator to thoroughly discuss all pre and post-operative instructions, receive your prescriptions that will need to be filled prior to surgery and finalize your payment.


*In some cases, if you have a medical condition that you are being treated for, it will be necessary to see your Primary Care Physician and/or Specialist to obtain your surgery clearance.  Your physician will determine which tests will be required to clear you for surgery.

American Society of Plastic Surgery American Board of Plastic Surgery

*Individual results may vary.