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The Day of Surgery

For Procedures performed under General Anesthesia

You may brush your teeth the morning of surgery, but you may not have anything to eat or drink after midnight the night before surgery.   If you take any medications for blood pressure or your heart, please take them with a very small sip of water as directed by your prescribing physician.


For procedures performed under Local Anesthesia

You may have a light breakfast and/or lunch the day of your surgery.  Medications for blood pressure or your heart may be taken as directed by your prescribing physician.


Wear a freshly laundered, loose fitting, button-up shirt or shirt type dress that does not require being put on over your head.  Do not wear pantyhose, boots, and/or girdles.


Do not wear any skincare products, body lotions, make-up, nail polish or jewelry to the surgery center.


If you wear contact lenses, be sure to bring a case and solution as your contact lenses will need to be removed prior to your surgery.  It is recommended that you wear your glasses (if available) to the surgery center.  Depending on the surgery being performed and swelling around the eye area, you should be able to resume wearing your contact lenses within 1-3 days after surgery.


Please park on the second floor of our parking structure.  This is the level that you will be discharged.


When you arrive for surgery, let the receptionist or nurse know who is to be called to take you home.  Your designated caregiver will be contacted once you have been safely transferred to the recovery suite.

American Society of Plastic Surgery American Board of Plastic Surgery

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